Commercial Space

Commercial Space

    Space Rental Guide

    Space rental rates vary depending on location and products. The words “concession” and “exhibit” may vary in usage from one Fair or trade show to another. At the Iowa State Fair, a commercial exhibit denotes “for display only” of products, services or concepts and taking leads for later follow-up. Merchandise sales and Food vending are referred to as “Concessions.”

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    Rules and Regulations

    Please review the rules and regulations for Iowa State Fair commercial booth and area spaces.

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    Exhibit Areas and Concessions

    The 400 plus acre Iowa State Fairgrounds has many places for exhibitors to display products, services and merchandise.


    Selection Criteria

    The Iowa State Fair Board uses the following criteria in evaluating existing and selecting new commercial and industrial exhibits:

    • Previous year’s exhibitors have first option to return if they have complied with regulations and met our expectations. Available space then goes to new applicants.
    • Important in selecting is the size of space available as opposed to size requested.
    • The Fair strives for variety for the Fairgoer so new and different items are preferred.
    • An exhibit should be attractive, colorful, neatly arranged and orderly.
    • An exhibit should be well-designed and functional, utilizing professional display techniques such as drapes, carpeting, signs, counters, etc.
    • An exhibit should be as representative as possible of the business, industry or product that it is promoting.
    • An exhibit should be active rather than static. Actual demonstrations increase traffic.
    • An exhibit should show the progress of the industry it represents and indicate the competitive advantages of the specific product or services advertised. Disparaging remarks about a competitor or his products is not an acceptable practice.
    • An exhibit should fit into the area available without crowding or wasting space or infringing on adjoining exhibitors’ ability to conduct business.
    • An exhibit should fit the theme of the area in which it is located.
    • An exhibit should provide a good example of commerce for the community with reputable products presented in a wholesome, businesslike manner.
    • The exhibit should combine objects, pictures and lettering in proper proportions to attract and inform visitors.

    Thrill Parks Request for Proposal

    The Iowa State Fair is interested in receiving written proposals of interest for providing various components of Thrill Parks for the Iowa State Fair.

    Check out our guide for more Thrill Park specifications.

    Thrill Park Specifications

    Elements of the Thrill Parks will include the following:

    • The very best spectacular, major, standard and children’s independently-owned and operated and/or carnival-owned and operated rides
    • Outstanding shows and unique special attractions
    • Superior support equipment and services, including:
      • Electric power generators and distribution systems
      • Safety, inspection and loss control services
      • Ticket sales booths
      • Staffing
      • Guest services and comforts.

    If interested, please fill out a Thrill Parks application.

    Thrill Parks Application

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