Kid Friendly Activities

Kid Friendly Activities

There's no better place to be a kid! Whether it’s jumping into a hands-on Blue Ribbon Kids activity, pretending to be a farmer at Little Hands on the Farm or whirling on a ride, the Fair has enough kid-friendly activities to keep families busy all 11 days!

Kid Friendly Activities at the Iowa State Fair

Blue Ribbon Kids' Club

Blue Ribbon Kids', the Fair's special club for ages 10 and under, allows children to experience the Fair from a unique perspective. Blue Ribbon Kids' members will get a rare glimpse at the heart of the Iowa State Fair and become part of the action during special kids' club activities. Blue Ribbon Kids' Club members not only get a hands-on Fair experience but will receive a birthday card and a quarterly e-newsletter for parents.

    All Kids' Club events will be held weekdays at 10 a.m. at the Fun Forest Stage during the Fair. Meet and greets will be Saturdays at 10 a.m. on the Fun Forest Stage.

    Any questions, please contact ewynn@iowastatefair.org.

    Kids' Club Activities

    2023 Ag Art Contest

    Kids entered their best Fair Ag Art! Each entry was a drawing demonstrating the theme "Farmers are Heroes" on 8 ½"x11".

    3-4 year olds

    1st Place – Eliza Dzievit, Johnston, IA

    2nd Place – Maisyn Harvey, New Market, IA

    3rd Place – Oliver Crane, Saint Augustine, FL

    5-6 year olds

    1st place – Cece Dzievit, Johnston, IA

    2nd place – Brennyn Wuhs, Waukee, IA

    3rd place – Kara Kuhlman, Ames, IA

    7-8 year olds

    1st place – Eloise Harris, Huxley, IA

    2nd place – Briar Wuhs, Waukee, IA

    3rd place – Anea Christophersen, Huxley, IA

    9-10 year olds

    1st place – Arayna Paranjape, Marion, IA

    2nd place – Katelyn Kuhlman, Ames, IA

    3rd place – Brooklyn Walz, Marion, IA

    11-12 year olds

    1st place – Nora Harris, Huxley, IA

    2nd place – Addison Denekas, Kamrar, IA

    3rd place – Alivia Nikkel, Sully, IA

    Intellectual and Development Ag Art Contest Winners

    1st place – Olivia McClanahan, Conroy, IA

    2nd place – Erika Ellenbogen, Des Moines, IA

    3rd place – Kimberly Kalenske, Fairbank, IA

      Vet Camp & Advanced Vet Camp

      It's the chance of a lifetime!

      Vet Camp is an educational, exciting, hands-on learning program aimed at encouraging 4th-7th graders to learn about animal health, welfare and what it is like to be an animal doctor.

      Advanced Vet Camp is for 8th-12th graders who would like to learn more about the field of veterinary medicine and have an interest in attending vet school.

      The two-hour long programs focus on both large and small animal veterinary medicine. Vet Camp and Advanced Vet Camps, sponsored by Agri-Pro Enterprises of Iowa, Inc., are FREE with paid Fair admission.

      Contact Emily Wynn at ewynn@iowastatefair.org or 515.401.1544 with questions or to be added to a waiting list.

      2023 Vet Camp Brochure

      Vet Camp

      Little Hands on the Farm

      Located in Kids Zone, Little Hands on the Farm teaches children the importance of agriculture and how it affects their daily lives in a fun and interactive way. Children ages 2 to 10 become farmers at this free, hands-on exhibit. Children obtain a gathering basket and proceed along a path that includes a garden, grain bin, apple orchard, chicken coop, tractor shed, sheep barn and dairy barn. After gathering particular items along the way they get the chance to sell these items at the Little Hands on the Farm Farmers’ Market for a Little Hands dollar to spend at the Grocery Store for such items as a piece of fruit, a granola bar or an ice cream sandwich.

      Little Hands on the Farm Map

      Little Hands on the Farm