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Kid Friendly Activities

Kid Friendly Activities

There's no better place to be a kid! Whether it’s jumping into a hands-on Blue Ribbon Kids activity, pretending to be a farmer at Little Hands on the Farm or whirling on a ride, the Fair has enough kid-friendly activities to keep families busy all 11 days!

Kid Friendly Activities at the Iowa State Fair

Vet Camp & Advanced Vet Camp

It's the chance of a lifetime!

Vet Camp is an educational, exciting, hands-on learning program aimed at encouraging 4th - 7th graders to learn about animal health, welfare and what it is like to be an animal doctor.

Advanced Vet Camp is for 8th - 12th grade who have an interest in Veterinary Medicine. This two-hour program will focus on both large and small animal veterinary medicine along with information on attending vet school.

The two-hour long programs focus on both large and small animal veterinary medicine. Vet Camp and Advanced Vet Camps are FREE with paid Fair admission. Spaces are limited and fill up fast! 

Contact Emily Wynn at or 515.401.1544 with questions.

2021 Vet Camp Brochure

If interested in participating in the August 13 Advanced Vet Camp, please email

Vet Camp

Little Hands on the Farm

Located in Kids Zone, Little Hands on the Farm teaches children the importance of agriculture and how it affects their daily lives in a fun and interactive way. Children ages 2 to 10 become farmers at this free, hands-on exhibit. Children obtain a gathering basket and proceed along a path that includes a garden, grain bin, apple orchard, chicken coop, tractor shed, sheep barn and dairy barn. After gathering particular items along the way they get the chance to sell these items at the Little Hands on the Farm Farmers’ Market for a Little Hands dollar to spend at the Grocery Store for such items as a piece of fruit, a granola bar or an ice cream sandwich.

Little Hands on the Farm

Blue Ribbon Kids' Club

Blue Ribbon Kids', the Fair's special club for ages 10 and under, allows children to experience the Fair from a unique perspective. Blue Ribbon Kids' members will get a rare glimpse at the heart of the Iowa State Fair and become part of the action during special kids' club activities. Blue Ribbon Kids' Club members not only get a hands-on Fair experience but will receive a virtual birthday card and a monthly e-newsletter after signing up.

Any questions, please contact

All Kids Club events will be held weekdays at 10 a.m. at the Fun Forest Stage.

2021 Kids’ Club Events!

Thursday, August 12 – Fairfield and Friends Ribbon Quest Book Day at Kids’ Club

From cookie decorating to butter sculpting, whistling and big wheel races, follow the adventures of Fairfield, the Iowa State Fair’s mascot, as he tries to win a ribbon. Winning isn’t just about getting ribbons. Fairfield learns much more about being a good friend and trying new things. Come for the book reading but stay for the drawing lesson, pictures with Fairfield, Fairfield craft and much more!

Friday, August 13 – Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation – My Family’s Farm – Day at Kids’ Club

Our friends from the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation will be on hand with one of their My Family’s Farm books to read and give away to Kids’ Club members. Come and see how kids just like you live on all kinds of different farms across Iowa!

Monday, August 16 – Have You Herd? - Kids’ Club Style

Come and meet some Iowa 4-H’ers who exhibit animals at the Iowa State Fair! They are going to bring their animal to Kids’ Club and tell us all about how they care for their animal and how they get ready for the Fair and show day! You may just learn a little of going 4-H and how to become a Clover Kid!

Tuesday, August 17 – Kids’ Club Contests Day

Bubble Gum Blowing, Mom Calling, Joke Telling, Rubber Chicken Throwing, Pie Eating - try your hand at these and more Iowa State Fair contest staples! You will not want to miss Contests Day at Kids’ Club!

Wednesday, August 18 – Pollination Celebration at Kids’ Club

Did you know that pollinators such as birds, bats, bees, butterflies and beetles are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food? These animals not only help sustain our ecosystems but are also super cool! Join Polk County Conservation at Kids’ Club to learn more about these fascinating animals and what can be done to help them.

Thursday, August 19 – Wiggles and Giggles Day at Kids’ Club

Join our friends from Iowa Waste Exchange to learn about a day in the life of our friend Worm; he lives with his family, plays with his friend Spider and dreams of becoming a Secret Service Agent. But Worm’s diet is much different than ours. He eats newspaper and garbage. He is nature’s recycler. On Thursday, August 19 you will get to see Worm and 500 of his friends as they teach you about Vermicomposting (composting with worms).

Friday, August 20 – Rainbow Gardens and Fresh Snacks Day at Kids’ Club

Fruits and veggies help us grow strong and healthy. They also taste great, add color and fun to our meals! Did you know that different colored fruits and veggies help us in different ways? Red fruits and veggies help keep our heart strong! The Iowa State University Culinary Science Club will be on hand to teach you how to make a colorful, tasty snack and have recipes to share! You will learn these things and more during Rainbow Gardens and Fresh Snacks Day at Kids’ Club.