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Food is one of the main attractions at the Iowa State Fair! The Fair boasts nearly 200 food stands and nearly 70 delectable items available on a stick.

What's New

The Iowa State Fair is known for fun, interesting and delicious food. Find out what new and exciting foods will be found at this year's Iowa State Fair

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    Iowa State Fair New Foods

    Barksdale's State Fair Cookies

    Cups and buckets of chocolate chips are a must-have at the Iowa State Fair Learn about Barksdale's State Fair Cookies.

    Barksdale's State Fair Cookies

    Barksdale's State Fair Cookies

    Healthy Choices

    The Iowa State Fair does have a healthy dose of good for you foods. Find a list of healthy Fair food options, based on the USDA guidelines for healthy meals with school lunches. From salad-on-a-stick to melon to grilled turkey sandwiches, you can find healthy options at the Fair!

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    Melon at the Iowa State Fair

    Food on a Stick

    The saying "If you can find it at the Fair, you can find it on a stick" is true. With over 60 mobile foods on a stick, which one(s) will you try?

    Food on a Stick

    Enjoy a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair

    Value Priced Food Items

    Check out the best deals at the Iowa State Fair. There are hundreds of foods all over the Fairgrounds, and you can find foods that the whole family will enjoy for an affordable cost!

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    2019 Best New Deal Winner: The Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar ($4)

    2022 New Foods

    Sweet, salty, savory, strange, tasty, on-a-stick, on a plate, in a bowl, there were 53 New Foods at the 2022 Iowa State Fair. Start planning what foods you will try this year along with all the great contests and entertainment.

    The 2022 New Foods are listed below, along with the new food contest entries and the top three finalists. Fairgoers voted on the top three foods to officially name the top new food for the 2022 Iowa State Fair.

    2022 New Food List

    • "OMG" Chicken Sandwich*
    • 5 Dino Nuggets W/ Fries Kids Meal
    • Alligator Corn Dog
    • Apple Bacon Waffle
    • Bayou Fries
    • Berkshire Pork Loin
    • BLT Roll
    • Blue Ribbon Cobbler*
    • Burger De Burgo
    • Chicken Bacon Ranch Waffle On A Stick
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie Wonder Bars
    • Chuckie's Tenderloin Wrap*
    • Dawghouse Reuben Sandwich*
    • Deep Fried Meatballs On A Stick
    • Deep Fried Queso Burger
    • Dino Bites Party Tray
    • Dog Bites Party Tray
    • Egg-O-Fuego Eggs*
    • Elk Corn Dog
    • Fried Green Beans Party Tray
    • Fried Olives On A Stick
    • Froyo, Cone Single
    • Gluten Free Corn Dog
    • Iowa's Best Burger
    • Island Cole Slaw
    • Lamb Phillycheese Sandwich
    • Mac N Cheese Party Tray
    • Minty Moo Parfait*
    • Nana's Gooey Butter Funnel Cake
    • N'awlins Cajun Waffle Dog
    • Pog Drink (not available due to supply issues)
    • Pork Belly Bao Buns*
    • Pork Picnic In A Cup*
    • Puff Sundae*
    • Seasoned Fries Party Tray
    • Shrimp Tacos
    • Sidewinder French Fries
    • Smokey's Clubhouse
    • Snake Bite Nachos
    • Sno Big Dill Sno Cone
    • Spam Bacon And Egg Breakfast
    • Spam Curds
    • Spam Deluxe Cheese Burger
    • Stacks Breakfast Sandwich
    • Sweet Potato Tater Tots
    • Texas Toothpicks Party Tray
    • The Finisher*
    • The Mardi Gras
    • The Ripper
    • The Sombrero
    • Waffle Bombs
    • Warm Brownie A La Mode Waffle Bowl
    • Wild Alaskan Salmon Sandwich

    *denotes 2022 Best New Food Contest Finalist

    2022 Iowa State Fair People's Choice Best New Food

    The Finisher

    at The Rib Shack

    Not your average potato, it’s an extra-large russet potato, layered with chopped brisket, smoked pulled pork and The Rib Shack’s famous Bacon Brisket Mac and Cheese. Follow that up with a generous amount of gourmet BBQ sour cream and signature garlic rub butter. This is a meal that tastes like the Fair in one dish.

    The Finisher

    The 2022 Best New Foods Finalists

    “OMG” Chicken Sandwich

    at Chicken City 

    “OMG” this chicken sandwich is a chicken breast that is lightly battered and covered in sugar coated corn flakes fried to golden brown and served on a glazed doughnut. As if it wasn’t enough, it’s topped with bacon and drizzled with syrup. It’s an “OMG” combination of sweet and savory.

    OMG Chicken Sandwich

    Pork Picnic in a Cup

    at the Iowa Pork Tent

    The Pork Picnic in a Cup is a twist on the classic summer picnic. A cup filled with layers of BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and a drizzle of BBQ sauce, garnished with brown sugar pork belly. An amazing way to enjoy good summer eats, feast on great Iowa pork and Find Your Fun at the Fair.

      Pork Picnic in a Cup

      Gluten Free Options

      With the help of the Central Iowa Celiac Connection, see a list of specific vendors that offer gluten free options at the 2022 Iowa State Fair:

      • Campbell's Corn Dogs (E. of Triangle, S. of Service Center)
      • Completely Nuts
      • Iowa Pork Producers
      • Iowa Fruit/Vegetable Growers
      • Ford’s Concessions
      • Midwest Dairy Association
      • Hill Concessions
      • Hockridges
      • Mexican Corn Stand
      • Nitro Ice Cream
      • Iowa Turkey Federation
      • The Salad Bowl/Applishus
      • Chicken City
      • Beattie’s Melon Patch
      • The Rib Shack
      • Dawghouse Concessions
      • Zag’s Popcorn