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Food is one of the main attractions at the Iowa State Fair! The Fair boasts nearly 200 food stands and over 80 delectable items available on a stick.

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The Iowa State Fair is known for fun, interesting and delicious food. Find out what new and exciting foods will be found at this year's Iowa State Fair.

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Iowa State Fair New Foods


Do you have a favorite food that you have to eat every year? Learn which food stands have your favorite foods and where they are located on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Iowa State Fair Food Vendors

Healthy Choices

The Iowa State Fair does have a healthy dose of good for you foods. Find a list of healthy Fair food options, based on the USDA guidelines for healthy meals with school lunches. From salad-on-a-stick to melon to grilled turkey sandwiches, you can find healthy options at the Fair!

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Melon at the Iowa State Fair

Food on a Stick

The saying "If you can find it at the Fair, you can find it on a stick" is true. With almost 70 mobile foods on a stick, which one(s) will you try?

Food on a Stick

Enjoy a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair

Value Priced Food Items

Check out the best deals at the Iowa State Fair. There are hundreds of foods all over the Fairgrounds, and you can find foods that the whole family will enjoy for an affordable cost!

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2019 Best New Deal Winner: The Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar ($4)

The 2019 new foods included:

  • Apple Cider Shake Up
  • Apple Explosion
  • Apple Fritter Funnel Cake
  • Apple Nachos
  • Apple Slices With Fresh Ground Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
  • Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pecan Or Pumpkin Pie Shakes
  • Bacon Wrapped Pig Wings*
  • Bauder’s Ultimate Bacon Crisp (Ice Cream)
  • Beignets
  • Berkshire Bacon Balls
  • Berkshire Bacon Balls BLT
  • Big Grove Brewery Deep Fried Apple Pie Craft Beer
  • Boozy Apple Pecan Caramel
  • Breakfast Sandwich-Egg, Corned Beef And Cheese Biscuit
  • Breakfast Skillet Tots
  • Butter Cake Shake
  • Campfire Cracker Jacks Caramel Sundae
  • Caramel Apple Bites
  • Caramel Dipped Pecan Pie On A Stick
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Chicken Fried Tacos
  • Chicken Parmesan Stick
  • Chicken Street Tacos*
  • Chocolate Brownie Waffle Stick
  • Cookies And Cream Wonder Bar*
  • Court Avenue Brewing Co.
    Corn Dog Ale Craft Beer
  • Deep Fried Deviled Eggs
  • Dill Pickle Popcorn
  • Double Pork (Pork & Bacon) Poutine
  • Farmer Jon's Cookies-N-Cream Popcorn
  • Farmer Jon's Honey Caramel Popcorn
  • Farmer Jon's Vanilla Caramel Popcorn
  • Fire Truck Punch
  • Flix Brewhouse Strawberry Sparkle Poney Craft Beer
  • Fried Avocado Slices
  • Funnel Fries*
  • Georgie's Roast With The Most Wrap*
  • Jalapeno Popper Pizza*
  • Kickin' Chicken Tots
  • Lemon Peppermint Sipper*
  • Monster Cookie Popcorn
  • Non-Fried Pickle Poppers
  • Orange Creamsicle Milk Shake
  • Orange Peppermint Sipper
  • Peach Empanadas
  • Pete's Steak Popper*
  • Pork Strip Basket With Seasoned Fries, Creamy Cheese Sauce, Bacon Bits And Chives. Spicy Sriracha Sauce Is Available.*
  • Rainbow Poutine (Sriracha Sour Cream, White Cheese Sauce And Guacamole)
  • Ranch Hand Steak Salad
  • Reclaimed Rails Brewing Co. Funnel Cake Craft Beer
  • Dessert Poutine(Sweet Waffle Waffle Fries Drizzled With Chocolate And Spicy Honey Topped With Italian Sweet Cream Cheese And Candy Coated Pecans)
  • Scotch Eggs
  • Senora Dog (Hot Dog)
  • Sirloin Beef Tip Sandwich
  • Slaughter House (Pork Belly, Pulled Pork & Bacon) Poutine
  • Slow Roasted Half Chicken Dinner
  • Smoked Ham & Eggs
  • Soft Serve Cookie Dough Cones
  • Steak Fajitas
  • Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake Chimi
  • Super Dog
  • Tangled Onion Pork Po-Boy
  • The Chief (Navajo Bbq Fried Bread Stuffed W/ Beef Brisket, Coleslaw, Drizzled In Salsa Cream)*
  • The Chinese Sweet Corn Cup
  • The Colossus*
  • The Corn Stalker Cocktail-Specialty Drink
  • Walt’s Lemonade Creamsicle Slushie
  • West O Beer Tee'd Off! Shandy Craft Beer
  • White Cheddar Popcorn
  • X-Treme Balls*

*Denotes 2019 New Food Event Participant

2019 Best New Deal Winner

The Best New Deal Contest recognizes a value food item that is budget friendly under $4. The Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar is the best new Fair food under $4.

Find the Cookies and Cream Wonder Bar at J&L Soukup's Wonder Bar stand. This is a new version of a traditional State Fair favorite. The hand-cut cookies and cream ice cream is dipped in chocolate, then rolled in crushed Oreo cookie pieces for a delicious treat.

2019 Best New Food

Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap, a new food from G Mig’s Wrap Stand, took top honors in the 2019 People’s Choice Best New Food Contest. The Chief from The Rib Shack and Chicken Street Tacos from the Chicken City stand were also in the competition.

The winning wrap is a cheddar tortilla wrap with tender beef pot roast, a white rice mixture containing Chorizo sausage crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar Jack cheese, candy corn salsa, crispy corn tortilla crumbles and a sour cream drizzle. On the side is a zesty salsa verde sauce. Gluten free wraps are available at an additional cost. Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap can be found at G Mig’s Wrap Stand, located southeast of the Varied Industries Building for $10.

2019 Best New Food Finalists

The two other foods vying for the 2019 title were:

The Chief: $8; Find The Chief at The Rib Shack, a new creation of Navajo BBQ fried bread with slow-smoked beef brisket topped with cilantro lime slaw and a salsa cream drizzle. A slow-smoked pork option is also available.

Chicken Street Tacos: $9; Chicken Street Tacos include perfectly grilled chicken, sliced thin, and covered with fresh corn salsa and a sweet and salty lime mist, held together with a flour tortilla. A sweet pepper sour cream sauce is drizzled over the top. These tacos are located at the Chicken City stand.

Gluten Free Options

With the help of the Central Iowa Celiac Connection below is a list of specific vendors that offered some gluten free options at the 2019 Iowa State Fair:

  • Iowa Pork Producers
  • Iowa Fruit/Vegetable Growers
  • Midwest Dairy Association
  • Hill Concessions
  • Iowa Turkey Federation
  • The Salad Bowl/Applishus
  • It’s Chicken City
  • Beattie’s Melon Patch
  • The Rib Shack
  • G’Mig’s 5th Street Pub
  • Dawghouse Concessions