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Blue Ribbon Kids Club

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Blue Ribbon Kids', the Fair's special club for ages 10 and under, allows children to experience the Fair from a unique perspective. Blue Ribbon Kids' members will get a rare glimpse at the heart of the Iowa State Fair and become part of the action during special kids' club activities. Blue Ribbon Kids' Club members not only get a hands-on Fair experience but will receive a virtual birthday card and a monthly e-newsletter after signing up.

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Thanks for getting involved with the Iowa State Fair’s Blue Ribbon Kids! It is time to get excited about some great adventures and entertaining demonstrations. To join, simply fill out the information below. You will receive your official Kids’ Club membership card at the first Kids’ Club event you attend during the Fair. A parent or legal guardian needs to fill out the bottom of the form. Remember, membership is completely free!



Participant does hereby release and hold harmless the State of Iowa and the Iowa State Fair Authority from any responsibility whatsoever resulting from or growing out of participation in the Iowa State Fair’s Blue Ribbon Kids.

To be completed by the participant’s parent, legal guardian, or consenting adult:

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