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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Space Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2021 Fair?

August 12-22, 2021.

Where is the Fair located?
Where can I find a map of the Fairgrounds?
What time do the Fairgrounds open and close?
Are political candidates welcome to campaign at the Iowa State Fair?
Where is handicap accessible parking available during the Fair?
Are concealed weapons allowed on the Fairgrounds?
Is smoking allowed on the Fairgrounds?
When do advance admission tickets go on sale? Where can I purchase them?
When do Grandstand tickets go on sale? Where can I purchase them?
Do Grandstand tickets include Fair admission?
Are pets allowed on the Fairgrounds?
What can I bring through the gate – like outside food, coolers or water bottles?
Where are ATMs located?
Where are lost items claimed?
Does the Fair have motorized scooters?
Where can I rent strollers or wagons at the Fair?
Where do I find a daily program of Fair events?
Where are the DART State Fair Park and Ride locations and when are they running?
Are there camping sites available during Fairtime?
Where can I find information about hotels near the Fairgrounds?