Rules and Regulations

Booth and Area

  1. Sidewalls over four feet tall may not extend out from the backdrop more than one-half the depth of the space unless mutually agreed to by adjoining parties.
  2. All tables must be skirted to the floor. If backs of the tables show to the public they must be covered also.
  3. All storage boxes must be out of sight.
  4. No signage may be attached to any portion of State Fair buildings without approval of management.
  5. All booths must be staffed and open to the public as stated on each contract.
  6. The depth of the booth is specified in the contract and no part of the booth may extend out in the aisle any further than the contracted depth.
  7. Maximum booth height — 12 feet.
  8. All items for sale must be visibly priced. Food concessions must have a menu board with prices clearly readable. Hand written signs are not acceptable.
  9. No stick-ons, bumper stickers or inflated balloons may be given away.
  10. All personnel must work from the confines of the booth. At no time will they be allowed to work in the aisle space. If it is necessary to be closer than over a counter top, the counter must be set back into the booth at least 2 feet to allow attendant and prospective customer interaction and communication without being in the aisle.
  11. No portable signage will be allowed on ground or trees surrounding food concessions.

Contract Obligation

Right to sell privileges: The Fair Board reserves the right to grant all privileges to sell and advertise commodities on the Fairgrounds.

Unauthorized sales and advertising: No one may sell or advertise merchandise, food or services or post advertising bills, signs or cards or distribute similar materials or in any way solicit on the Iowa State Fairgrounds at any time without the express written permission of the Iowa State Fair Board or its authorized agent.

Privilege contracts: The Iowa State Fair Board shall issue contracts for the purpose of granting sales and advertising privileges as it deems are warranted and proper.

Limited to contracted privileges: The contractor will conduct the privileges granted by their contract according to the laws and rules of the State of Iowa, and without infringement upon the rights or privileges of others and will not handle, advertise or sell any commodity or transact any business whatsoever, except that which has been expressly stipulated and contracted for, and will confine their transactions to the space and privilege provided in that contract.

Contract renewal: Space contracts are for the period specified, and the Fair Board reserves the right to refuse renewal.

Reassignment of contracts: No contract or privilege granted by the Fair Board may be assigned or otherwise disposed of without the written consent of the Fair Board.

Board approval of space used: The contractor will not conduct or permit to be conducted on the space which they have leased, any stand, show, amusement or exhibition of any character which does not meet the approval of the Fair Board.

Rental fee: The contractor will pay a rental fee of the amount determined by the Fair Board as stipulated in their space offer. Any payment made for space shall be refundable until June 1 of the given year. After that time, no refunds shall be made.

Preparation opening date: Contractors will not be permitted to occupy a plot or space more than 12 days before the opening of the Fair, but must occupy the space by 12 noon on the day preceding the opening of the Fair or be subject to forfeiture of the space at the Board’s election.

Building on space: Contractors will be permitted to build on space assigned them. Any part of an exhibit or concession showing to public must be finished. Any building or structure built on the space assigned must be removed within seven days of the end of the Fair unless you have written permission from the Fair Board to leave structure in place. All footings, foundations and underground segments of the structure must be removed at the exhibitor’s/vendor’s expense.

Approval of Board: All buildings, tents or enclosures used by the contractor must have the Fair Board’s approval.

Painting and alterations: Painting, alterations or attachment to any structure owned by the Fair will be prohibited unless authorized in writing by the Fair Board.

Opening Day: All contractors will be in place and ready for public inspection by 9:00 a.m. on the opening day of the Fair.

Access: Any representative of the Fair Board shall have access to concessions or exhibits at all times.

Quitting premises: At the expiration of contracts, contractors shall surrender possession of the premises to the Iowa State Fair Board without further notice to quit. Premises shall be in good repair as when possession was given, with the exception of unavoidable wear or damage.

Electric light and power: 120/240 volt AC power is available in most buildings and outside areas. In the Varied Industries Building 120 volt single-phase, 208 volt three-phase is available. All wiring must be safe and not create a safety or fire hazard. An electric hook up charge will be assessed as specified on the Space Offer. Heating and cooking elements as well as air conditioners, will require an additional charge. The Electric Department must be contacted when electrical connection is needed. The Electric Department staff has final authority in determining if exhibit wiring meets safety and fire code.

Use of sound: No band, orchestra, musicians, loud speaker, amplifier, radio or other sound device can be used unless the sound or amplification is confined to the area occupied by the contractor or otherwise approved by the Fair Board

Discrimination: Contractors shall not discriminate because of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, mental or physical disability, or sex and must further agree that their contract shall be terminated by the State Fair Board if a violation is found.

Violation of contract: Any violation of any of the Fair Board’s Administrative Rules or the terms and agreements of a space sales contract, shall, at the election of the Fair Board, cause the whole amount of the contract to become due and be cause for revocation and forfeiture of all rights and privileges granted to the contractor, and in the event of a breach of rule violation by the contractor, any and all sums paid or contracted to be paid under the contract to the Fair Board shall be and become the property of the Fair as liquidated damages for the breach of the rule violation.

Insurance: All contractors must have general liability insurance with a minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. Iowa State Fair must be an additional insured. The wording on the Certificate should read “State of Iowa, Iowa State Fair Authority, their officers, employees and agents as additional insured”. A Certificate must be provided by July 15, showing coverage for this or coverage may be purchased by that date through the Fair office for a nominal fee.

Digging demonstrations: Demonstrations of digging, trenching or excavation must be approved by the Electrical and Maintenance Departments prior to the Fair.

Gasoline engines: Demonstration of gasoline engines will be permitted in the Varied Industries Building and on the Promenade surrounding the building only if propelled by electric motors.

Stick-ons: No stick-ons of any type may be given away as advertising materials.

Give-aways: The sale or distribution of novelty or food items as advertising material will not be allowed unless approval is received in writing from the Fair Board. Novelty and food items include but are not limited to paper or plastic stick-ons, balloons, T-shirts, caps, jackets, hats, bumper stickers, belt buckles, ice cream, popcorn, hot dogs, soft drinks, coffee, etc.

Theft: Iowa State Fair is not responsible for any damage to or theft of property while leasing space or conducting business on the Fairgrounds.

Inspections and Permits: All inspectors, law enforcement officials, Fair management and Concession Department employees have the right during reasonable hours, to enter a concession or exhibit booth in the discharge of their duties for the purpose of making any investigation, inspection or re-inspection. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or vendor to secure the necessary permits for conducting business in the state of Iowa.

Door Prizes and Drawings: If a drawing is involved with your display, the actual prize must be shown and drawn for on the final day of the Fair with an Iowa State Fair Official present. The winner’s name must be left at the Concession and Exhibit Office once the drawing takes place. A sign must be posted next to the drawing box that informs all patrons that completion of the entry form establishes a relationship that removes the patron from the “do not call” list.