Space Rental Guide

Space rental rates vary depending on location and products. The words "concession" and "exhibit" may vary in usage from one Fair or trade show to another. At the Iowa State Fair, a commercial exhibit denotes "for display only" of products, services or concepts and taking leads for later follow-up. Merchandise sales and Food vending are referred to as "Concessions."



  • Varied Industries Building - $23 per square foot, 10’X10’ booth size.
  • East Grandstand Exhibit Hall - $106 per front foot
  • Agriculture Building - $10.50 per square foot
  • Cattle Barn Foyer - $10 per square foot
  • Machinery Grounds - Agriculture related $55 per front foot + 10 cents per square foot - Non-agriculture related $57 per front foot + 10 cents per square foot
  • Fair View Farmers Market - $30 per day


All Locations: Space rent is equal to 15% of gross sales after sales tax has been deducted. A minimum for the total percentage has been established at $100 per front foot for regular merchandise concession space and $130 per front foot for pitch merchandise space.


All Locations: Space rent is equal to 19.5% of gross sales after sales tax has been deducted. The minimum total percentage for all locations is equal to $80 per front foot.


All Locations: Only "Iowa grown" products are allowed for sale. 10’ x 10’ space available, vendor will provide tent, tables, chairs. Spaces located west of Grandfather’s Barn. Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. $30 per day charge (Admission and Parking not provided). Tickets, parking passes and delivery permits can be purchased through the concessions department.


Exhibiting at the Iowa State Fair offers you an unequaled opportunity to make direct, person-to-person contact with prospects on all levels. No other single event in the state offers you as much potential as the Fair because no other event attracts as many people... more than a million. Exhibit areas are traditionally one of the most popular attractions of the Fair. Most visitors make it a point to find out what's new, interesting and innovative in the agricultural, industrial and commercial areas.

The following information will be helpful in planning a Fair promotion or sales campaign for your products.


  • Purpose - decide what you want to do and establish exhibit objective (sales, add dealers, introduce new product, improve public image, etc.).
  • Budget - Establish your budget. The low cost of space and the huge attendance are two important factors which make the Fair such an attractive venture. A small investment can reap a lot of profit!
  • Space - Get the best space you can afford. You should be able to accommodate visitors in your booth without blocking the aisle or crowding other exhibitors.


  • Use a professional designer if possible
  • Determine specific sales points. Present them simply and directly. You have about six to eight seconds to actually stop a potential customer.
  • Some type of on-the-spot demonstration is more effective than an elaborate, costly, static display.
  • Try to have the brightest booth in the area.
  • Plan re-use of the exhibit with minor modifications at next year's Fair. Make enough significant changes to your booth to provide a fresh look each year.
  • Sidewalls of display booth may not obstruct the vision into the adjoining space in the front five feet closest to the aisle.


  • Insist your employees be well-groomed and courteous.
  • Be sure they are fully informed.
  • Plan to have an adequate number of staff to allow periodic breaks and maintain an open booth.
  • Make sure your staff has the booth open all hours required in the exhibit contract.