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Find out how to enter Cowgirl Queen and horse and pony competitions at the Iowa State Fair.

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Competitive events at the Fair are grouped into categories. You can find rules and information for the each of the categories, available through the drop down menu, below.

Questions? Email or call 515-262-3111 ext. 207.

Horse & Pony

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All open class livestock and horse entries must be submitted online.

*Excludes Cowgirl Queen entries

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Livestock Care

As an agricultural institution, we are proud to share our rich heritage through livestock education, entertainment and competition. The Iowa State Fair does not condone animal mistreatment of any kind. We have strict animal care policies in place, codes of ethics for 4-H and FFA members to abide by and an Animal Care Committee. We strive to make the Iowa State Fair a safe and enjoyable place for people and animals alike.

Purpose of the Animal Care Committee: The Animal Care Committee was established by the Iowa State Fair Board to ensure that all animals at the Fair receive the best care that is possible and practical. The Iowa State Fair is a showplace for animal agriculture in the state. Many animal species, in addition to livestock, are on exhibition at the Fair. Many attendees are not familiar with common standards of care for livestock, pets and other animals. The animal displays and exhibits are intended to provide enjoyment and education for exhibitors and the general public. The Committee endeavors to enhance the image of animal ownership, the Fair and to provide a positive experience for all involved.

Code of Ethics/Premium Book Rules

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