Ag Art Contest

August 10, 2023

New Fair Contest Awards Ag Art Honors

Young artists from across the country created award-worthy drawings in the new State Fair Ag Art competition judged prior to the start of the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

Each entry was a drawing demonstrating the theme "Farmers are Heroes." Each drawing was required to be on 8 ½"x11" white paper, be in color, and use a medium of the artist’s choice.

Complete results follow:

3-4 year olds

1) Eliza Dzievit, Johnston, IA

2) Maisyn Harvey, New Market, IA

3) Oliver Crane, Saint Augustine, FL

5-6 year olds

1) Cece Dzievit, Johnston, IA

2) Brennyn Wuhs, Waukee, IA

3) Kara Kuhlman, Ames, IA

7-8 year olds

1) Eloise Harris, Huxley, IA

2) Briar Wuhs, Waukee, IA

3) Anea Christophersen, Huxley, IA

9-10 year olds

1) Arayna Paranjape, Marion, IA

2) Katelyn Kuhlman, Ames, IA

3) Brooklyn Walz, Marion, IA

11-12 year olds

1) Nora Harris, Huxley, IA

2) Addison Denekas, Kamrar, IA

3) Alivia Nikkel, Sully, IA

Intellectual and Developmental Ag Art Contest Winners

1) Olivia McClanahan, Conroy, IA

2) Erika Ellenbogen, Des Moines, IA

3) Kimberly Kalenske, Fairbank, IA