t was never the intent to omit Board Member names in favor or against the Board motion to postpone the 2020 Iowa State Fair, but rather to maintain a written record of votes. The votes in favor and against are listed below.

The following Board Members voted in favor:

Jerry Parkin, South Central District

Randy Brown, South Central District

Darwin Gaudian, Northwest District

Gary McConnell, Southeast District

Curtis Claeys, Southeast District

John Harms, Northeast District

Deb Zumbach, Northeast District

Gary VanAernam, Southwest District

C.W. Thomas, Southwest District

Julie Kinney (on behalf of Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig)

Bob Dodds (on behalf of Wendy Wintersteen President of Iowa State University). Absent

The following Board Members were not in favor:

Tennie Carlson, North Central District

Alan Brown, North Central District

Lt Governor Adam Gregg (on behalf of Governor Kim Reynolds) Absent

Gary Slater, Fair Secretary/Manager and CEO does not vote

Chairman of the Board, Dave Hoffman, Northwest District, only votes if there is a tie