The Finisher, a new food from The Rib Shack, takes top honors in the 2022 People's Choice Best New Food Contest. "OMG" Chicken Sandwich from Chicken City and Pork Picnic in a Cup from the Iowa Pork Tent were also in the competition.

The winning food from The Rib Shack is not your average potato. It's an extra large russet potato, layered with chopped brisket, smoked pulled pork and The Rib Shack's famous Bacon Brisket Mac and Cheese. Follow that up with a generous amount of gourmet BBQ sour cream and signature garlic rub butter. This is a meal that tastes like the Fair in one dish. The Finisher can be found at The Rib Shack, southwest of the Anne and Bill Riley Stage.

The two other foods vying for the 2022 title will also remain available throughout the Fair at their respective locations.

"OMG" Chicken Sandwich: Located at Chicken City, the "OMG" Chicken Sandwich is a chicken breast that is lightly battered and covered in sugar coated corn flakes fried to golden brown and served on a glazed doughnut. As if it wasn't enough, it's topped with bacon and drizzled with syrup. It's an "OMG" combination of sweet and savory.

Pork Picnic in a Cup: Located at the Iowa Pork Tent, the Pork Picnic in a Cup is a twist on the classic summer picnic. A cup filled with layers of BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, creamy coleslaw and a drizzle of BBQ sauce, garnished with brown sugar pork belly. An amazing way to enjoy good summer eats, feast on great Iowa pork and Find Your Fun at the Fair.

Try more than 50 new foods at the Fair this year! For more information, visit Or, pick up a new food brochure at the blue information buildings on the Fairgrounds.

Miller Concessions, Inc. was awarded the Best of Show for their lemonade stand.