Iowa State Fair






Iowa State Fair Trivia

Test your knowledge about the history of America's favorite state fair and you'll quickly discover that nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair.

When was the first Iowa State Fair held?

The first Iowa State Fair was held October 25-27, 1854 in Fairfield, 20 years before America’s great westward movement began.

How old are the Fairgrounds?
How many acres make up the Fairgrounds?
What are future Iowa State Fair dates?
What year was the Iowa State Fairgrounds named to the National Register of Historic Places?
Where are the Fair's time capsules located and when are they to be opened?
Who was Baby Mine?
How many railway locomotive collisions have taken place at the Iowa State Fair?
When was the first Iowa State Fair cookbook published?
In what year did Fair attendance first top 1 million?
What is the weight of the Heaviest Pigeon on record?
How many food classes are judged annually?
How many cows are milked daily during the Fair in the milking parlor?
What species are represented in the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center?
When was the Avenue of Breeds first located in the Swine Barn?
How many buildings are located at Little Hands on the Farm?
Since 1930 how many locations has the Fabrics and Threads Department called home?
What year did the Clearfield Lions start providing shuttles to and from the Iowa State Fair Campgrounds?
How many bales of hay can fit into the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center?
What has been the largest Fair attendance?
What was the hottest temperature recorded at the Fair?
What nationally known media outlets have covered the Fair?
Who holds the record for attracting the largest Grandstand crowd?
What happens to the butter from which the Butter Cow is sculpted?
In addition to the Butter Cow, another companion sculpture also graces the Agriculture Building coolers. Name five creations from past years.
About how many concessionaires and exhibitors operate on the grounds?
Which United States presidents have visited the State Fair?
What year did Sarah Pratt become the Fair's fifth butter sculptor?
What entertainers have performed at the Fair a whopping 10 or more times?
How are members of the Fair Board elected?
What famous country star appeared in the Grandstand as a replacement for Ricky Van Shelton in 1990?
What is the name of the famous novel written by Iowan Phil Stong about the Iowa State Fair?
Who starred in the first film version of this novel?
How long has Hog Calling been an Iowa State Fair tradition?
When was the first State Fair Queen Pageant (in its current format) held?
Approximately how many types of food can be purchased "on-a-stick" at the Fair?
How many Fairs have been cancelled?
If you unrolled all the toilet tissue stockpiled for the Fair, how many miles would it stretch?
What happens to the animal bedding following the Fair?
Name the entertainers who first appeared at the Fair on a free stage and then performed in the Grandstand.
When did the original State Fair Museum open?
What was the budget of the first Iowa State Fair in 1854?
How many people work for the Iowa State Fair?
What is the name of the organization charged with raising money for Fairgrounds renovation?
How many ribbons are handed out during the Fair?
Approximately how many pork chops do the Iowa Pork Producers sell during a Fair?
What Iowan and world famous fashion designer, at the age of 2, was named the Iowa State Fair's "healthiest city boy?"
Who wrote "Hawkeye Fair" for the Iowa State Fair?
What are the lyrics to the song "Our State Fair" from the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical titled "State Fair"?
What are the day attendance records?