Youth Spelling Bee

August 13, 2023

Youth Spellers Take on the Iowa State Fair to Win Honors

Young spellers from all around Iowa out their spelling skills to test in the Spelling Bee competition, held Friday, August 11, at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

Complete results follow:

First and Second Grades

1) Ashvika Karwal, 8, Cedar Falls

2) Christoper Bloomhuff, 8, Eldridge

3) Aiden Behrens, 7, Runnells

Third and Fourth Grades

1) Desmond Pearson, 10, West Des Moines

2) Coby Suhr, 10, Raymond

3) Kenslie Williams, 10, Eddyville

Fifth and Sixth Grades

1) Chloe Kinney, 12, Holstein

2) Daryn Gumm, 10, Waterloo

3) Sukhmun Chouhan,12, Johnston