Iowa State Fair

Timber Sports

August 21, 2022

The best wood choppers, sawyers and crosscutters squared off in the Timber Sports competition, judged Tuesday, August 16, at the 2022 Iowa State Fair.

Complete results follow:


1) David Cox, Oskaloosa

2) Lucas Monson, Boone

Ladies Bow Saw

1) Erin Hefner, Urbandale

2) Sandy Stoner, Fremont

3) Landra Reece, Solon

One Woman Cross-cut

1) Sandy Stoner, Stoner, Fremont

2) Megan Stuhr, Ottumwa

3) Wendy Stuhr, Ottumwa

Sawing with Bucksaw

1) David Cox, Oskaloosa

2) Dakota Rundlett, Vinton

3) Sandy Stoner, Fremont

Bow Saw

1) Lucas Monson, Boone

2) David Cox, Oskaloosa

3) Nathan DeVore, Unionville

One Man Crosscut

1) David Cox, Oskaloosa

2) Lucas Monson, Boone

3) Dakota Rundlett, Vinton

Two Man Cross-cut

1) David and Nyle Cox, Oskaloosa and Centerville

2) Landra Reece and Dakota Rundlett, Vinton

3) David Lammers and Nick Snavely, Waukee