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Ladies' Rubber Chicken Throwing

Ladies' Rubber Chicken Throwing

August 18, 2023

Contestants Claim Chicken Chucking State Fair Ribbons

Contestants from across the country put their arms to the test in the Ladies’ Rubber Chicken Throwing competition, held Wednesday, August 16. at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

Complete results follow:

Ages 16 to 50

1) Jae Wilson, Des Moines

2) Holly Padgett, Oskaloosa

3) Cristen Clark, Runnells

Ages 51 and older

1) Becky Reber McAfee, Avondale, AZ

2) Kelly Spees, Fairfield

3) Mary Lazard, Urbandale

The contest was part of “Rural Americana Olde Tyme Competitions” in Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall. A first prize of $5 and ribbons were awarded to each class.