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Food - Piper's Homemade Candies

Food - Piper's Homemade Candies

August 18, 2023

Sweet Taste of State Fair Victory for Norwalk Confectioner

Meredith Willey of Norwalk won First Place Overall in the Piper’s Homemade Candies competition judged Monday at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

Katie Hughes of Des Moines earned Second Place Overall and Lisa Baumhover of Woodward claimed Third Place Overall.

Entries were judged on flavor, texture, appearance and creativity.

Additional results follow:

Classic Candies

1) Diana Bedwell, Norwalk

2) Diane Hartschen Law, West Des Moines

3) Michael Ross, West Des Moines


1) Katie Hughes, Des Moines

2) Maggie Stalzer, Haverhill

3) Pamela Parris, Iowa City


1) Lisa Baumhover, Woodward

2) Sharon Brees, Waukee

3) Brian Keul, West Des Moines

Creative Candies

1) Meredith Willey, Norwalk

2) Sharon Brees, Waukee

3) Rita Cashman Becker, Fort Madison

The Iowa State Fair Food Department is the largest of any state fair in the country. There are 138 divisions, 695 classes and over 6,800 entries at this year’s Fair. Food Department judging is held in the Elwell Family Food Center.