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Fabric and Threads: Needlepoint

Fabric and Threads: Needlepoint

August 15, 2021

Creative artists from around Iowa competed in the Needlepoint division of the Fabric and Threads Competition judged before the start of the 2021 Iowa State Fair. Each piece is judged upon design, workmanship and finishing.

Janice Blubaugh of Des Moines won Best of Show honors.

Solveig Walstrom of Cedar Rapids won the Sweepstakes honors.

The Fabric and Threads exhibits are on display every day of the Fair from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the William C. Knapp Varied Industries Building sponsored by Principal.



1) Rebecca Beach, Des Moines


1) Solveig Walstrom, Cedar Rapids

2) Rita Weinberg, West Des Moines

3) Janet King, Marion

Honorable Mention) Sharon Kolosik, Marion

Mixed Techniques or Sampler

1) Solveig Walstrom, Cedar Rapids

2) Sheri Ekstrom, Cedar Rapids

3) Gloria DeBower, Marshalltown

Honorable Mention) Gail Friest-Blink, Rhodes

Item Made with Mixed Fibers

1) Emily Barton, Des Moines

2) Janice Blubaugh, Des Moines

3) Sally Olsen, Cedar Rapids

Honorable Mention) Sheri Ekstrom, Cedar Rapids

Honorable Mention) Solveig Walstrom, Cedar Rapids

Honorable Mention) Janet King, Marion

Holiday Decoration / Stocking / Ornaments

1) Janice Blubaugh, Des Moines

2) Sharon Kolosik, Marion

3) Kareen Strumpel, Cedar Rapids

Honorable Mention) Connie Rosene, Cedar Rapids

3 Dimensional

1) Rebecca Beach, Des Moines

2) Siobhan Harman, West Des Moines

3) Solveig Walstrom, Cedar Rapids

Needlepoint on Plastic Grid

2) Patty Mills, Des Moines

3) Lisa McDaniel, Ames

Sweepstakes - Needlepoint

1) Solveig Walstrom, Cedar Rapids

Best of Show - Needlepoint

1) Janice Blubaugh, Des Moines