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Decorated Diaper and Diaper Derby

Decorated Diaper and Diaper Derby

August 21, 2021

Babies from around Iowa competed in the Decorated Diaper Contest and Diaper Derby held on Friday, August 20 at the 2021 Iowa State Fair. Competitors went head to head in Diaper Derby and Decorated Diaper themes included Group Theme Diaper, Most Creative Diaper and Iowa State Fair Themed Diaper.

Group Theme Diaper

  1. Bryce and Joyce Remus, Cedar Rapids (10 months)

Most Creative Diaper

  1. Sutton Hona Eggman, Orient (8 months)
  2. Kameron Cain, Des Moines (18 months)
  3. Ryder Tully, Altoona (8 months)

Iowa State Fair Diaper

  1. Lacey Williams, Chariton (11 months)
  2. Jordi Sommars, Colfax (10 months)
  3. Vivian Eslick, Sigourney (20 months)
  4. Nathan Yoder, Iowa City (3 months)

Diaper Derby

First Heat

  1. Lacey Williams, Chariton (11 months)
  2. Vivian Eslick, Sigourney (20 months)
  3. Hudson Scott, Des Moines (11 months)

Second Heat

  1. Nash Temple, Ankeny (10 months)
  2. Bryce Remus, Cedar Rapids (10 months)
  3. Jordi Sommars, Colfax (10 months)