Concrete Statues

August 10, 2023

Artists Decorate Tractors for the 2023 Concrete Statue Contest

Artists from across the state put their creativity to the test in the Iowa State Fair concrete statue contest judged prior to the start of the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

Artists were tasked with creating an award winning, theme-painted, concrete tractor. The concrete statues are on display in various locations throughout the Fairgrounds from August 10-20, 2023.

Statues are judged on originality, creativity and overall look.

Novice Category

1st place

“A Starry Night in Iowa”

Abbygayle Garner, Grimes

2nd Place

“Together We Grow”

Aly DeMoss, Pleasant Hill

3rd Place

“That’s Fair”

Garbielle Salemink, West Branch

Honorable Mention (in no particular order)

“Fishing in the Dark”

Stacey Baughman, Booneville

“Catnip Harvest”

Mary Jankowski, Sara Carlson and Brittny Pinegar, West Des Moines

Professional Category

1st Place

“Best of Iowa”

Missy Sharer Pieters and Kelly Birkenholtz and Troy Birkenholz, Newton

2nd Place

“The Wild Ones”

Pamela Kline, Hannah Joe Thompson, Janie Brookborror, Richard Kirby, Blakley Joe Breese and Cindy Miller, Norwalk

3rd Place

“Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation Tractor”

Sticks Gallery for the Blue Ribbon Foundation, Des Moines