Exhibitor Selection Criteria

The Iowa State Fair Board uses the following criteria in evaluating existing and selecting new commercial and industrial exhibits:

  • Previous year’s exhibitors have first option to return if they have complied with regulations and met our expectations. Available space then goes to new applicants.
  • Important in selecting is the size of space available as opposed to size requested.
  • The Fair strives for variety for the Fairgoer so new and different items are preferred.
  • An exhibit should be attractive, colorful, neatly arranged and orderly.
  • An exhibit should be well-designed and functional, utilizing professional display techniques such as drapes, carpeting, signs, counters, etc.
  • An exhibit should be as representative as possible of the business, industry or product that it is promoting.
  • An exhibit should be active rather than static. Actual demonstrations increase traffic.
  • An exhibit should show the progress of the industry it represents and indicate the competitive advantages of the specific product or services advertised. Disparaging remarks about a competitor or his products is not an acceptable practice.
  • An exhibit should fit into the area available without crowding or wasting space or infringing on adjoining exhibitors’ ability to conduct business.
  • An exhibit should fit the theme of the area in which it is located.
  • An exhibit should provide a good example of commerce for the community with reputable products presented in a wholesome, businesslike manner.
  • The exhibit should combine objects, pictures and lettering in proper proportions to attract and inform visitors.