Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap, a new food from G Mig’s Wrap Stand, takes top honors in the 2019 People’s Choice Best New Food Contest. The Chief from The Rib Shack and Chicken Street Tacos from the Chicken City stand were also in the competition.

The winning wrap is a cheddar tortilla wrap with tender beef pot roast, a white rice mixture containg Chorizo sausage crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar Jack cheese, candy corn salsa, crispy corn tortilla crumbles and a sour cream drizzle. On the side is a zesty salsa verde sauce. Gluten free wraps are available at an additional cost. Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap can be found at G Mig’s Wrap Stand, located southeast of the Varied Industries Building for $10.

The two other foods vying for the 2019 title will also remain available throughout the Fair at their respective locations.

The Chief: $8; Find The Chief at The Rib Shack, a new creation of Navajo BBQ fried bread with slow-smoked beef brisket topped with cilantro lime slaw and a salsa cream drizzle. A slow-smoked pork option is also available.

Chicken Street Tacos: $9; Chicken Street Tacos include perfectly grilled chicken, sliced thin, and covered with fresh corn salsa and a sweet and salty lime mist, held together with a flour tortilla. A sweet pepper sour cream sauce is drizzled over the top. These tacos are located at the Chicken City stand.

Try more than 70 new foods at the Fair this year! For more information, visit Or, pick up a new food brochure at the blue information buildings on the Fairgrounds.