Iowa State Fair Attractions

There is plenty of fun, excitement, and thrills to be found at the Iowa State Fair. From the new Thrill Parks to the classic Fair favorites like the Giant Slide and Ye Old Mill, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Construction began the fall of 2016 and will be completed by the 2017 Iowa State Fair.

Iowa State Fair Thrill Parks

From roller coasters to bumper cars and Ferris wheels, amusement park rides have been a staple at the Iowa State Fair. In 2017, the super spectacular midway areas on the Fairgrounds will get a facelift and new names as a part of the Iowa State Fair Thrill Parks. Thrill Parks showcase three separate parks designed for different ages and levels of entertainment.

Construction began the fall of 2016 and will be completed by the 2017 Iowa State Fair.

Thrill Ville
Buckle your seat belt for the newest, fastest, and most thrilling amusement rides. Thrill Ville offers a clean and family friendly atmosphere, but focuses on the spectacular, jaw dropping, and super-speed screams of the best of today’s rides.

Thrill Ville is located between the Grandstand and Ye Old Mill.

Thrill Town
Little Fairgoers and their families will find loads of fun and stroller parking with the addition of Thrill Town. Thrill Town features kid friendly rides in a fun, clean and convenient location without having to navigate the larger Thrill Park areas.

Thrill Town is located east of Gate 10 and directly north of the Richard O. Jacobson Exhibition Center Lawn.

Thrill Zone
Fairgoers seeking breathtaking, heart-stopping, hair-raising adventure will find it in the Thrill Zone. These unforgettable attractions will have you talking about the Iowa State Fair for months to come.

Thrill Zone is located on the southwest corner of the Fairgrounds.

***The Iowa State Fair is interested in receiving written proposals of interest for providing the various components of Thrill Parks for the 2017 Fair.  If interested please see the full request for proposal

Giant Slide

A Fair tradition, the Giant Slide has been around since the 1960s. Around 100,000 people each year grab a gunny sack and bounce down the slide.

Ye Old Mill

One of three remaining Ye Old Mills in the country, the Iowa State Fair is proud to preserve this piece of history. First constructed in 1921, a strong wind leveled the Mill in 1996. A $100,000 gift from Boatmen’s Bank of Iowa funded the rebuild in time for the Fair that same year. Since its restoration, thousands of visitors of all ages enjoy the 1,500 foot-long canal ride each year.