2016 Grandstand Line-up

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Grandstand Seating Chart

The following describes how the seats are numbered within each section. Left is considered to the left of the entertainer as they are facing the audience (stage left) and right is to the right of the entertainer as they are facing the audience (stage right). Download the Grandstand Seating Chart

Stage Seating

Sections BB and CC in the stage seating area are a mix of chair and bleacher seating. Rows 1-8 are chair seating, and rows 9-13 are bleachers. Seat numbers begin with 1 in the middle aisle, with numbers getting bigger as you progress to the outer part of the section. View a detailed map of these sections.

Grandstand Seating

Rows 1-14 are in the lower tier of the Grandstand. Rows 15-31 are on the upper level. Most section seats are numbered 1-25. Number 1 is the left-most seat in the section, with seat numbers increasing to the right-most seat in that section.

Grandstand Seating Chart