Iowa State Fair

Tractor Pulls

August 19, 2021

It’s been 4 years since the ground rumbled from mighty tractors at the Iowa State Fair and fans were overjoyed to see them back better than ever.

Outlaw Truck and Tractor Pulls with sponsor Titan Tire, manufacturer of Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires, and media partners WHO Radio Big Show and Iowa Farmer Today, drew crowds from across generations and for 2 days in the Elwell Family Park. The newly constructed Elwell Family Park was host to over 220 hooks on Tuesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 18, 2021, in front of thousands of eager fans.

Below is the list of winners:


Naturally Aspirated 2WD

1st Place: Ragin Red - Aaron Dekkers, Hawarden, IA. 300.5’

2nd Place: Twisted Sister – Alyssa VanBeek, Lennex, SD. 296.93’

Light Super Stock

1st : Eleanor – Mark Ulmer, Meno, SD 364.30’

2nd: Barn Burner – Cory Schluter, Carrollton, MO. 357.9’

ProStock 4x4

1st: Chain Stretcher – Toby Vanderpool, Indianola, IA. 267.23

2nd: Trouble Maker – Brett Stamps, New Market, IA. 266.73

Super Farm

1st: Burnin Bucks – Mike Duncklau, Pilger, NE. 321.55

2nd: Brule Buck – Ron Ehmen, Syracuse, NE. 312.68

Limited Pro Stock

1st: Black 1066 – Jesse Giza, Afton, IA. 351.06

2nd: Gopher – Connie Mullenix, Unionville, MO. 333.13


1st: Hostile Environment – Ryan Mitchell, Pella, IA. 273.52

2nd: The Entertainer – Dan Schullo, Cumberland, IA. 273.22

Unlimited Super Stock

1st: Deere Fever – Gary Wipf – Frankfort, SD. 336.09

2nd: Deere Factor – Collin Weins – Beatrice, NE 328.35

Modified Tractors

1st: Sweet Pain – Craig Ulmer – Larchwood, IA. 296.07

2nd: Cotton Candy – Cameron Neaves – McAdoo, TX. 292.48


Pro Field

1st: Buck Wild – Bill Ruwe, Blair, NE. 323.22

2nd: She Said No – Tyler Franken, Sioux Center, IA. 317.19

Light Limited Pro Stock

1st: Johnny B Good – Brad Lundell, Kiron, IA. 338.13

2nd: The Mule Skinner – Brittany Peiffer, Harper, IA. 314.33

Diesel Super Stock

1st Place: Born Deere - Tyler Boeckmann, Waverly, IA. 279.27

2nd: Etreme Pleasure – Taylor VanBeek, Rock Valley, IA. 279.71

Pro Stock

1st: Dirtslinging Deere – David Yarick, Rich Hill, MO. 334.08

2nd: Gang Green – Grey Porter, Mercer, MO. 330.68

Modified 2WD

1st: Whip It – Donald Nelson, Cat Springs, TX. 323.80

2nd: Heartbeat – Lynn Stummer, Waverly, IA. 323.64

Modified 4WD

1st: Nuttin Honey – Nick Christenson, Cumberland, IA. 328.79

2nd: Unfinished Business – Josh Mazur, St. Joseph, MO. 320.48

Spanning back multiple generations, the return of truck and tractor pulling at the Iowa State Fair was made possible by a generous donation from the Denny and Candy Elwell Family. Not only is it a long tradition for pulling fans, but the Iowa State Fair is also a favorite place for many of the pullers.

Phase 1 of the Park was completed in 2021 to host tractor pulls as well as a Monster Truck and Demolition Derby event. For more information, visit