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Pioneer Hall: Mom Calling

Pioneer Hall: Mom Calling

August 25, 2021

Kids took the challenge in the Mom Calling Contest that took place on August 20 at the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

In the 10 to 15 category, Nolan Schomer, 11, of Des Moines, took first place in the Mom Calling Contest.

Addison Denelsas, 10, of Kamrar, placed second. Sylas Schelker, 12, of Otley, and Owen Williams, 11, of Ankeny, tied for third place.

In the 5 to 9 category, Riley Goodrich, 9, of Urbandale, took the first place spot. Rylie Wedeking, 6, of Clarksville, received second.

There was a five way tie for the 5 to 9 category:

3) TIE Nellie Olson, 9, of Ankeny

3) TIE Reece Goodrich, 9, of Urbandale

3) TIE Haley DeGeest, 9, of Hamilton

3) TIE Stella Scott, 9, of Otley

3) TIE Camden Scott, 5, of Otley

The contest was part of “Rural Americana Olde Tyme Competitions” in Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall. A first prize of $5 and ribbons were awarded to each class.