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Pigtail, Ponytail, Braid, Mohawk and Mullet Contest

Pigtail, Ponytail, Braid, Mohawk and Mullet Contest

August 24, 2023

Pigs, Ponies, and Mullets Oh My!

Ribbons were awarded in the Pigtail, Ponytail, Braid, Mohawk and Mullet Contests August 20 at the 2023 Iowa State Fair. Length of hair in inches was the chief criterion in the Ponytail and Pigtail Contests while the number of braids determined the Braids winner. The Mohawk and Mullet entrants were judged on creativity and originality.

Complete results below:


1) Jess Rundlett, Ankeny

2) Breklyn Willis, Redfield

3) Riley Kinsella, Creston


1) Treise Berkland, Johnston

2) Jessica Wilson, Des Moines

3) Mya Macken, Des Moines


1) Adalynn Breckenridge, Monroe

2) Sophie Sayles, West Des Moines

3) Jada Chiles, Des Moines


1) Grayson Seuferer, Ankeny

2) Tanner Ragsdale, Bondurant

3) Jaxon Myrick, Maxwell


Ages 5 and Under

1) Nash Emery, Pleasant Hill

2) Reese, Des Moines

3) Carter Stewart, Des Moines

Ages 6-11

1) Colton Hodges, Granger

2) Zander Merical, Slater

3) Baylor Naber, Newton

Grown Up

1) Eli Cade, Des Moines

2) Scott McCallum, Des Moines

3) Patrick Thompson, Des Moines