Horseshoes 8.14.23

August 19, 2023

Midwest Seniors Compete in the Horseshoe Pitching Championship

Participants from around the region competed in the Midwest Senior Championship division, Open Singles division and Open Doubles division of the Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held Monday, August 14, at the 2023 Iowa State Fair.

The Fair hosts both Championship and Open Class competitions every Fair day. Division winners are crowned daily. All Horseshoe Pitching competitions take place on the clay courts just east of Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall.

Complete results below:


Championship Class

1. Bert Logsdon, Pleasantville

2. Reggie Crumes, Altoona

3. Jerry Hartwick

Class A

1. Meredith Kahrig, Woodsfield, OH

2. Marvin Dirks, Fonda

3. Dwight McGrath, Missouri Valley

4. Deb Davis, Ankney

Class B

1. Troy Kahrig, Lancaster, OH

2. Richard Cranston, Keswick

3. Steve Hatch, Knoxville

4. Chris Jordan, Peru

Class C

1. Sheryl Mason, Grinnell

2. Pam Slippy, Ankeny

3. Ralph Davis, Ankeny

4. Russell Wiese, Roland

5. Steve Jackson, Burlington


Class A

1. Tom Cranston, Keswick

2. Dwight McGrath, Missouri Valley

3. Steve Hatch, Knoxville

4. Brandon DeBord, Adel

Class B

1. John Pletchette, Altoona

2. Russell Wiese, Roland

3. Travis Kahrig, West Des Moines

4. Ned McNeely, Ankeny

Class C

1. Sara Veldhuizen Stealy, Webster Groves, MO

2. Joe Cleghorn, Des Moines

3. Bob Wiese, Roland

4. Megan Morrow, West Des Moines


Class A

1. Tom Cranston, Keswick and Ava Sinnott, Pella

2. Ralph Davis, Ankeny and Brandon DeBord, Adel

3. Deb Davis, Adel and Elizabeth DeBord, Adel

4. Lloyd Rife, Des Moines and Joe Cleghorn, Des Moines

5. Russell Wiese, Roland and Ella Scott, Truro

Class B

1. Sharon Rife, Des Moines and Gaven Thompson, Des Moines

2. Brody Borg, Pella and Cash Ebelsheiser, Pella

3. Berry Reeves, Des Moines and Josh Gibson, Mitchellville

4. Megan Van Zandt, Des Moines and Derrick Van Zandt, Des Moines

5. Caleb Young, Pleasant Hill and Kelli Young, Pleasant Hill