August 12, 2023

All Things Mini Win Big Honors at 2023 Iowa State Fair

Doll houses, miniature rooms and scenes were awarded honors prior to the start of the 2023 Iowa State Fair. The mini structures are on display in the Patty and Jim Cownie Cultural Center from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the Fair.

Paul Block of Stanhope won Best of Show in the Doll House competition.

Beth Grabau of Adel won Best of Show in the Miniature Room competition.

Additional results follow:

Junior Class

1) Sarah Kennedy, West Des Moines

2) Marissa Mueller, Ankeny

3) Willa Getz, Clinton

Group Project

1) Dena Heeren, Jewell

2) Ashley & Bailey Arellano, Bondurant

3) Mikayla Gilland, Cedar Rapids


Traditional Design

1) Paul Block, Stanhope

2) Douglas Ames, Marshalltown

3) Danne Dzon, West Des Moines

Novelty/Theme Design

1) Marilyn A Ekle, Farmington

2) Jessica Blindt, Bettendorf

3) Alohalani Taylor, Bouton

Dollhouse < 1" scale

1) David Nieuwsma, Sigourney

2) Terry Cook, Davenport

3) Lauren Koehler, Monticello


Holiday Theme

1) Terry Cook, Davenport

2) Monica Verros, Sergeant Bluff

3) Beth Grabau, Adel

Open Class

1) Beth Grabau, Adel

2) Terri Neuzil, Iowa City

3) Sherry DAVIS, Des Moines

Novice - Open Class

1) Paula Nerhus, Badger

2) Ethan Charron, Des Moines

3) Jennifer Hebert, Des Moines

Celebration of Iowa Agriculture

1) David Nieuwsma, Sigourney

Creative Containers

1) Paula Nerhus, Badger

2) David Nieuwsma, Sigourney

3) Terry Cook, Davenport

Room or Scene < 1" scale

1) John Neuzil, Iowa City

2) Amanda Pitts, Maxwell

3) David Nieuwsma, Sigourney