Interactive and hands-on livestock exhibits with horses, sheep and more!

Where can you see a massive boar, watch cows being milked  and experience the birth of farm animals?  Livestock exhibits of all types and sizes are just one more reason why nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair.

Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center

The 2007 Iowa State Fair marked the debut of the Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center and Christensen Farms Hall. This agricultural education exhibit features live births of various species including cows, sows, nanny goats and ewes.

A key feature of the Animal Learning Center is the Christensen Farms Stage. Stage presentations range from TAF magic shows to interactive contests by many different groups and individuals.

Butter Sculpting Contest

Come to the Animal Learning Center's Christensen Farms Stage for butter sculpting contests open to all ages. All participants will receive a ribbon and winning sculpture will receive a prize! Brought to you by AMPI.

Milking Parlor / Milking Experience

The Iowa State Fair Milking Parlor is the place to get all your milk questions answered.  The milking experience will be narrated by a professional involved in the dairy industry. The narrator will explain the life cycle of a dairy cow, the milking process, how much milk a cow will produce, how much a cow eats and how dairy products are made from milk. The milking experience will last approximately 15-20 minutes.

Boulevard of Dairy Breeds

The Boulevard of Dairy Breeds gives Fairgoers of all ages the chance to learn about the differences between the six major dairy cattle breeds and to see those breeds up close and personal. Recent improvements include a user-friendly layout for the interactive display plus a new hands-on experience for kids focused on baby calves. This area also includes Cattle Corner and I Milked a Cow exhibits.

I Milked a Cow!

Try your hand at milking a cow the old fashioned way — by hand.  This is truly a once in a lifetime experience, don't miss it! Presented by the Iowa State University Dairy Science Club.

Cattle Corner

Do you know how much a bull weighs? Or how much a cow eats and drinks in one day? Get all your cattle questions answered at this interactive hands-on display.

Avenue of Breeds

sponsored by the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers

The Avenue of Breeds allows visitors the opportunity to see many different breeds of cattle, horses, chickens, sheep and fish that Fairgoers may not see as they tour the other livestock barns. The Avenue of Breeds also features information about all species of livestock featured in this area.

Pig Place

Do you know how much a pig weighs? Or what pig food is made of? Get all your swine questions answered at this interactive hands-on display.

Horse Haven

Do you know how to measure a horse in hands? Do you know the difference between an English and Western saddle?  Get all your horse questions answered at this interactive hands-on display.

Sheep Stop

Do you know how many sheep there are in Iowa? Do you know how much wool they produce? Get all your sheep questions answered at this interactive hands-on display.