Iowa State Fair Food

Iowa State Fair Food

The Fair offers the greatest selection of tasty treats, from corndogs and ice cream to deep-fried butter.

The Iowa State Fair boasts nearly 200 food stands and more than 60 delectable items available on-a-stick. Just take a look at what yummy foods were available at the 2013 Fair!

Two Iowa Celiac support groups combined efforts to develop a list of offerings for those dealing with food allergies or health related issues. Check out a list of the Gluten-free food options.

New Food at the Fair

Prior to the 2013 Fair, eight concessionaires submitted tasty treats for a new food contest. Three new foods beat out the rest for the finalist slots, and Fairgoers voted for the top new food during the Fair.

Check out the three top foods from the 2013 contest:

  • Shrimp Corndog (2013 New Food Contest Winner) - Bringing the beach to Iowa, the Shrimp Corndog, available at the Po-Boy Stand, is a savory snack featuring three fresh shrimp dipped in corndog batter, fried to golden perfection and topped with a sweet jalapeno glaze. 
  • Smoothie On-a-stick - The Smoothie On-a-stick at Turkey Time Concessions will offer Fairgoers a sweet and healthy way to cool down. The strawberry smoothie is frozen, put on a stick and ready to be eaten on any hot August Fair day. 
  • Bacon Wrapped Riblet On-a-stick - The Bacon Wrapped Riblet On-a-stick, available at the Bud Tent, is a pork riblet wrapped in bacon, hickory smoked and then basted with barbecue sauce. 

Other competing foods include: 

  • Fried Brownie On-a-stick, a chocolate brownie deep-fried and topped with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar, available at Fyfe Concessions. 
  • Soft Salted Chocolate-Dipped Almond Pretzel On-a-stick, a soft pretzel dipped in chocolate almond bark sprinkled with slivered almonds and a dash of salt, available at the Old Fashioned Root Beer & Pretzels stand.
  • Coconut Mountain On-a-stick, a soft and chewy coconut ball rolled in coconut flakes and dipped in fresh chocolate; available at Oasis Concessions.
  • Sweet Corn Corndog, a hot dog dipped in batter enriched with fried sweet corn; available at Campbell's Concessions.
  • Rib Shack Cowboy, a mix of cowboy beans, brisket or pork, coleslaw, a signature chip and barbecue sauce in a spice-flavored waffle cone; available at the Rib Shack.

There were also several other new foods offered at the 2013 Fair: 

  • Carmel Apple Funnel Cake at Westmorland Concessions
  • Strawberry Funnel Cake at Westmorland Concessions
  • Maple Bacon Funnel Cake at The Best Around Concessions
  • Jalapeno Corndog at Campbell’s Concessions
  • Fresh Tenderloin Sandwich at Chuckie’s Tenderloins
  • Bratwurst on a Pretzel Bun at Arnold’s Concessions
  • Cajun Flavored Cheese Curds at Brad and Harry’s Cheese Curds
  • Deep Fried Prairie Oysters at Beef Quarters
  • Fresh Wood Oven Pizza (Margherita, Marinara & Mattina) at Parlo Pizza 

Check back in the summer for updates on new foods at the 2014 Fair.