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Items of importance/corrections will be posted here that may affect the information shared with patrons (fair-goers).

  • ALL First Year Volunteers must have their picture taken prior to there Volunteer shifts. Please get a "Badge Request Form" from Volunteer Office prior to going to the Print Shop.
  • The Daily/Pocket Guides are distributed at the gates as well as the Information Booths. We will also have the 11-day insert at the booths/houses in case a Fair-goers want to plan their entire stay at the fair.

*****SOAPBOX Schedule*****
SOAPBOX Schedule: This link is the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox that will be updated with any changes.

This link details the daily activities on the Grand Concourse. For additional information search under "Entertainment --> Fair Schedules" filter by location of Grand Concourse.

*****Iowans of the Day - 2019*****
This link shares who 2019 Iowan of the Day recipients are. Presentation August 8-14 at 2pm and 15-17 @1pm on the Anne & Bill Riley Stage.

*****Mutton Bustin"*****
This link shares time and cost. Location: West of Jacobson Exhibition Center

*****PASSPORT - Food Passport*****
Volunteers --- the fairgoers will be asking for the 2019 New Foods Passport. Instructions are on the card. Once returned back to us we will place a sticker (label) on the map that will have their contact information. This will be information utilized to contact them only with they won a prize.

Private Parties: More information coming closer to the Fair.

Thrill Zone Parks:
Thrill Zone - (located north of Gate 11 (Grand Gate) and west of DNR Building)
Thrill Town - (east of Gate 10 and directly north of the Jacobson Center Lawn)
Thrill Ville - (located between the Grandstand and Ye Old Mill, the old Midway area)

Attractions - New:
Mutton Bustin' (located west of Jacobson Building, south of Thrill Town)
Sea Lion Splash (located west of Jacobson Building closest to, south of Thrill Town)

Will Call (Credentials) at Volunteer Office:
...REMINDER: Grandstand Will-Call tickets are at the Admin Building ticket office.

...University Lot is the name given to the past SIMs parking lot. Gate 3 provides entry to both permit and public parking.
...Lot C only issued for workers in Elwell.
...Trams (Blue Line Parking Shuttle) runs daily to/from University Lot will begin at 5:00am and end at 2:00am.
... Blue Line Parking Shuttle has 6 routine stops and will stop at Gates 13 & 15 for entry to the Fair.

First Aid:
...First Aid locations remain in the same location. Hy-Vee Halth and First Aid is located east of the Agriculture Building.
...A satellite station is located at the Horner Service Center just west of the Administration Building.
...The Des Moines Fire Department EMS will be providing medical services.

REMINDER: Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages while volunteering and when wearing your volunteer attire. THANKS!

Did you volunteer 4, 4-hour shifts totaling 16 hours if so please BE SURE to share on your volunteer card if you will be attending the Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, September 12, 2019.