Iowa State Fair

Outhouse Races

August 18, 2022

Booty Buster from Des Moines won the 18th annual Outhouse Races Tuesday at the 2022 Iowa State Fair. The team was awarded $300 in cash for out-racing their competition.

The Real Deal from Austin, MN, took second place with a $200 cash prize.

Third place and $100 in cash went to Super Troopers of Winterset . They also claimed the title of the Best Outhouse Winner.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation won Best Costume.

Teams, composed of three pushers and one driver, construct their own outhouses. During the race, teams push the outhouses to a toilet where the drivers must clean off the toilet seat without using their hands. Then the drivers search for a corn cob buried in a cattle trough, change a roll of toilet paper and return to the outhouses where the teams push them back to the starting point.