Iowa State Fair

Horseshoes 8.16.22

August 19, 2022

Participants from around Iowa competed in the Open Singles and Open Doubles divisions of the Horseshoe Pitching Tournament held Tuesday, August 16, at the 2022 Iowa State Fair.

The Fair hosts both Championship and Open Class competitions every Fair day. Division winners are crowned daily. All Horseshoe Pitching competitions take place on the clay courts just east of Farm Bureau Pioneer Hall.


Class A

  1. Tom Tabat, Fort Dodge
  2. Tom Cranston, Keswick
  3. John Peterson, Oskaloosa

Class B

  1. Rodger Rice, Des Moines
  2. Jake Clair, Ankeny
  3. Caleb Cook, Des Moines
  4. Briget Carroll, Ankeny
  5. Rick Cook, Des Moines

Class C

  1. Bill Sprague, Berwick
  2. Sara Veldhuizen Stealy, Oskaloosa
  3. Mark Weber, Batavia
  4. Ned McNeley, Ankeny
  5. Kyle Geerts, Johnston


Class A

  1. Tom Cranston, Keswick, and Richard Cranston, Keswick
  2. Russ Wiese, Roland, and Brandon DeBord, Adel
  3. Jake Clair, Ankeny, and Briget Carroll, Ankeny
  4. Rick Cook, Des Moines, and Caleb Cook, Des Moines

Class B

  1. Steve Hatch, Knoxville, and David Brent, Pleasantville
  2. Deb Davis, Ankeny, and Elizabeth DeBord, Adel
  3. Travis Roberts, Alexander, and KC Sly, Alexander
  4. Jerry Gering, Des Moines, and Joe Gering, Des Moines
  5. Damian Lanzcos, Roland, and Cooper Wiese, Roland