Horse Pulling

September 06, 2023

Pulling for the Win

Horses pulled their best during the Horse Pulling competitions held Saturday, August 19, at the 2023 Iowa State Fair. Ranae Poole of Windyville, Mo., took first place in the Light Class, and Tracy Hanson of Chatfield, Minn., received first place in the Heavy Class.

Complete results follow:

Horse Pulling Light Class

1) Ranae Poole, Windyville, Mo.

2) Robert Poole, Windyville, Mo.

3) Daniel Gray, Villisca

4) Gary Hembry, Osceola

5) Wade Osborn, Windyville, Mo.

6) Jacob Wimer, Grant City, Mo.

Horse Pulling Heavy Class

1) Tracy Hanson, Chatfield, Minn.

2) Cody Gray, Villisca

3) Ray Smith, Clark, Mo.

4) Clay Sharp, Stilwell, Kan.

5) Ray Smith, Clark, Mo.

6) Kevin Wimer, Grant City, Mo.