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Cribbage Tournament

Cribbage Tournament

September 01, 2021

Pat Prendergast of Newton took first place in the Cribbage Tournament held Sunday, August 22, at the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

Joe Harrison of Des Moines won second place, and Rich Schappert of Urbandale claimed third place.

Each contestant played eight games. At the conclusion of play, competitors earned two points for a standard win or three points for “skunking” the opponent (beating another player by 31 points or more). The player with the highest point total at the end of the day earned the first-place ribbon.

Additional results below:

4) Darrell Jamison, Van Meter

5) John Ueltschy, Fort Dodge

6) Mike Gill, Mystic

7) Kent Blunck, Des Moines

8) George Hasfield, Tingley

9) Brian Erickson, Fort Dodge

10) James Brand, Mount Ayr

11) Mary Brower, Tama

12) Jeff Beary, Knoxville

13) Jeff Mozena, West Des Moines

14) Robyn Neades, Des Moines

15) Gary Leffler, West Des Moines