Iowa State Fair

Chess Tournament

August 20, 2021

Strategy was the key to victory in the Chess Tournament, which took place Wednesday, August 18, at the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

Competition took place in two divisions.

Complete results follow:

Elementary School

1) Jett Williams, Windsor Heights

2) Tie – Aero Williams, Windsor Heights

2) Tie – Antonio Zuniga, Des Moines

2) Tie – Brig Stocking, Des Moines

Middle School

1) Anthony Zachar, Cedar Rapids

2) Alex Wood, Saydel

High School

1) Drake Starr, Winterset

2) Joseph Ridgway, Johnston

3) Andrew Reyna, Ankeny

Speed Championship – Open to All Ages

1) Joseph Wan, Iowa City

2) Cub Hoble, Cedar Falls

3) Drake Starr, Winterset