Iowa State Fair

Cattle: Super Bull

August 12, 2021

"B/R Conrad 6176," the 3,040 pound Angus bull owned by D&D Angus of Danville, outweighed the competition to win the Super Bull contest judged Thursday, August 12 at the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

Dreher Angus: Randy & Crystal of Audubon, took second place with their 2,888 pound Angus bull, "Albert," and Massman Farms of Ossian took third place with their 2,720 pound Angus bull, "Brutas."

"B/R Conrad 6176" as well as the Big Boar and Big Ram, will be on display at the Iowa State Fair in the Cattle, Swine and Sheep Barns, respectively, through August 22.

*Note: Photos available upon request.