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Bud Elwell's Old Fashioned Fudge

Food: Bud Elwell's Old Fashioned Fudge

August 18, 2021

Kathleen Haley-Taylor of Knoxville won first place and a $250 cash award in the Bud Elwell’s Old Fashioned Fudge contest, judged Saturday, August 14, at the 2021 Iowa State Fair.

Brian Keul of West Des Moines earned second place and $100. Rita Cashman-Becker of Ft. Madison claimed third place and $50.

Contestants were challenged to create award winning fudge that does not contain marshmallow of marshmallow crème.

Entries were judged on taste and texture.

The Iowa State Fair Food Department is the largest of any state fair in the country. There are 134 divisions, 603 classes and nearly 6500 entries at this year’s Fair. Food Department judging is held in the Elwell Family Food Center sponsored by Urban Air.