The Iowa State Fair annually attracts a million visitors - more than any other single event in Iowa - and is one of the oldest agricultural and industrial expositions in the nation. The development of the Fair, first held in Fairfield, Iowa, in 1854, is a series of historic comparisons. It has grown from a six-acre tract of land to a more than 400-acre Fairgrounds (including a rolling green campground); from a first Fair attendance of 10,000 to more than 1 million; from a three-day event to an eleven-day spectacular; from a local livestock show to some of the world’s largest livestock exhibitions, offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in premiums.

Upcoming Fair Dates

YearFair Dates
2017 Aug 10-20
2018 Aug 9-19
2019 Aug 8-18
2020 Aug 13-23
2021 Aug 12-22

The Iowa State Fair is the state’s largest single event, making it the place to be. Companies can get involved by either renting space on the grounds or by partnering with the Fair’s sponsorship program.


2007 1,003,000
2008 1,003,000
2009 1,006,501
2010 967,381
2011 1,080,959
2012 1,097,142
2013 1,047,246
2014 1,015,902
2015 1,117,398
2016 1,031,278