Every year over 1800 Fair fans volunteer their time before and during the Fair's 11-day run. We couldn't do it without them.

Little Hands on the Farm Volunteers

Little Hands on the Farm is a fully interactive ag-experience for kids. Volunteers staff each station where kids do various farm chores, sell their produce at the market and then use their money to buy an item at the Little Hands Grocery Store. For more information, visit our Little Hands on the Farm page.

State Fair Sew-In Volunteers

The Fair is searching for sewing assistants to help Fairgoers make the simple strip quilts. Volunteers are asked to commit to four-hour shifts from Noon to 4 p.m. or 1 to 5 p.m. A site supervisor will be on-hand to supply materials and help with machines. All sewing assistants will receive one parking pass and an admission ticket to the Fair.

If you are interested in donating, volunteering or receiving more information about the Sew-In, contact Sharon Meisenheimer by phone at 515/986-1145 or by email at rmeis@aol.com.

Information Volunteers

This dedicated group staffs information booths and diaper-changing/nursing stations. For more information, check out our application packet.

Blue Ribbon Foundation Volunteers

These volunteers sell bottled water and Iowa State Fair merchandise at stands throughout the grounds. All proceeds of the Blue Ribbon Foundation go toward Fairgrounds renovations. For more information, visit the Blue Ribbon Foundation website.

Iowa State Fair Parade Volunteers

Be part of the crew that helps put on the state's largest parade and kick-off for the Iowa State Fair! Volunteers are needed to help facilitate many areas, including staging, barricades and dispersion. For information on volunteering, contact Tonya Cook at tcook@iowastatefair.org.